If you have sent an appeal to the National Insurance Court, you may send additional documentation or get in touch with us here. If you wish to appeal a decision to the National Insurance Court, you must do so through the public authority that made the decision you wish to appeal. See our article on how to appeal for more information regarding this.

Send letters or documents safely to the National Insurance Court through eDialog

If you cannot use eDialog, please contact us by e-mail or phone. The National Insurance Court does not have a visitor reception, and physical meetings must be scheduled in advance.

How can we help you?

You can log in to eDialog through ID-porten (using MinID, BankID etc).

The National Insurance Court uses eDialog for secure transfer of sensitive information, log in through the link on top of this page.

If you cannot send documents digitally, you may do so by regular mail to the following adress: Trygderetten, Postboks 4724 Nydalen, 0421 Oslo

You will be notified through your digital mailbox when the National Insurance Court has received your appeal, and when the appeal has been processed. If you do not have a digital mailbox, these letters will be sent through the regular mail. Decisions in an appeal will be sent as registered mail. For further questions, contact our switchboard. Tel: +47 23 15 95 50

Information about case processing time can be found here.

If you have other questions or general inquieries about the National Insurance Court, please contact our switchboard. Tel: +47 23 15 95 50 or send an e-mail to post@trygderetten.no

For media enquiries to the National Insurance Court, please contact:


Tel: +47 918 20 366

You use eDialog when you wish to:

  • Send documentation related to your appeal
  • Send additional information
  • Other written request related to an appeal
  • Chose whether you are an individual or a business
  • Write your organisasjonsnummer and press «Hent info»
  • Title: What kind of document you are sending and your case number if you know it.
  • Comment: Give a more detailed description of what you are sending
  • Press «send forsendelse»
  • You will get a receipt with a reference number by e-mail

You may send documents in the following formats: pdf, png, jpeg, tiff, xml, text, mpeg video, mp3 or wav

  • For Word documents, chose "Save as" and then file format PDF.
  • LibreOffice and OpenOffice have a button on the toolbar named «Export as PDF».

Yes. We do however recommend that you use eDialog for secure transfer of sensitive documents.

You can e-mail us at: post@trygderetten.no.