When the National Insurance Court has received your appeal , you will get a confirmation through your digital mailbox, or by regular mail if you do not have a digital mailbox.

It is the public authority or pension fund that has made the decision you want to appeal that sends your appeal to the National Insurance Court.

The National Security Court then processes your appeal, and informs you when a decision has been reached.

The case processing time in the National Insurance Court varies. The National Insurance Court will normally give priority to the oldest cases. The case processing time is affected by, among other things, the number of cases received, the scope and nature of the case, the composition of the panel handling the case and the resources available at the National Insurance Court.

Cases concerning invalidity benefits and work assessment allowance are often decided by a panel consisting of a doctor, a vocational rehabilitation expert, in addition to the legally qualified member. This may result in a somewhat longer case processing time in these cases.

Information about case processing time can be found here.